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Skills Test
1. Braising A Globe Artichoke


Exose was tasked with preparing and braising the artichoke and then serving it with an aquafaba saffron mayonnaise, and a salad of his choice.

Exose struggled with the main ingredient in which he had never even seen before, this did not deter him from trying and smiling the whole time, which later became a glowing aspect of his personality throughout the show.

Signature Dish
2. Raspberry & Lemon Choux Bun


The signature dish round and exose made a Choux Bun dusted with a Raspberry Powder, topped with a Brandy Snap, fresh Raspberries, Raspberry Puree, Lemon Curd, Meringue, and Lemon Segments.

Exose wanted to showcase his love for the Lemon and Raspberry combination in this dish and the judges really enjoyed the flavours, creativity, and presentation. However Marcus mentioned that a difference in texture was missing from the dish.

Quarter-Finals: Invention Test
3. The Squash


For the invention test, Exose made a Roasted Guinea Fowl Breast with Butternut Squash Gnocchi, diced Butternut Squash cooked in a Rosemary Emulsion, a Squash, Chilli and Lime Puree, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and a Guinea Fowl Sauce.

The vocal ingredient given to the 6 chefs was a Squash, they also had access to additional ingredients such as Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Rice, Eggs, and a selection of Herbs and Spices. The judges were impressed with Exose's ability to break down the squash and use it in multiple ways creating different textures.

Quarter-Finals: The Critics
4. Spiced Duck Breast


For the main Exose made a Spiced Duck Breast served with Sweet Potato Fondant, Sweet Potato Crisp, Sweet Potato Puree with a hint of Chilli, Spinach Yogurt, Sautéed Spinach and a Chimichurri Dressing.

Exose took it to the next level in this round by cooking two very difficult dishes, his menu was deemed risky due to its complexity. The main dish was praised for its colour and presentation with Jay Rayner saying it was “by far the prettiest looking dish” they had seen that day. Tracey Macleod complimented the cooking of the duck and said “This is one of the best duck dishes, I've ever had in this room.”

Quarter-Finals: The Critics
5. Cherry Souffle


For dessert, Exose made a Cherry Souffle with a Pistachio Crumble, Sheep’s Milk Yogurt Sorbet and a Sour Cherry Sauce

Exose received the highest praise from all the critics. Jay Rayner jokingly said “you have to be thinking that this has been a good day in the office” before he even tried the last dish! This is a testament to the beautiful presentation he shown throughout whilst still impacting on flavour, textures and spice. To put the cherry on top Monica highlighted the dish as the best of the day!

Knockout Week: Final 12
6. Chicken 5 Ways


Exose made a Roast Chicken Breast, Crispy Chicken Skin, Fried Chicken Wing and Chicken Thigh Croquette, served with Leek and Potato Puree, Morels, Pickled Oyster Mushroom, Butter Poached Leeks, and a Chicken Jus.

Exose really cemented his place in the competition with this dish. The Crown was beautifully cooked. Exose impressed by not overcomplicating the dish, showcasing great skill and technique, and the nice inclusion of a  Pickled Oyster Mushroom which was a clever palette cleanser that impressed all three judges.

Knockout Week: Pop Up Challenge
7. Textures of Banoffee


Exose served the pop-up industry Banana Fritter, Caramelised Rum Banana, Banana Ice Cream, Banoffee Beignet, Caramel Fudge, Caramel Sauce, Candied Walnuts, Lime Chantilly


The first challenge in knock-out week was based around pop-up restaurant. Exose was tasked with creating one dish that he would serve to 25 guests who were all leaders in the pop-up food industry. Bringing 9 elements to the dish exose wowed and impressed again by testing himself and taking risks, having received the most votes from the leaders in the pop-up industry Exose got an automatic pass through to the Semi-Finals. Marcus Wareing was particularly impressed with the dishes components, textures and presentation.

Semi-Finals: Inspiration
8. Chocolate & Orange Millefuille


Millefeuille with Cardamom and Chocolate Ganache and an Orange Diplomat Cream, topped with Orange and Cardamom Puree, torched Orange segments and Candied Orange Zest, a Chocolate Bar on a thin Wafer base, filled with an Orange Liqueur Caramel and a Blood Orange Sorbet.

Exose was tasked with creating a dish around the inspiration for cooking which was making cakes with his mother when he was younger. As always Exose wowed the judges with his presentation and flavours with a special note to Exose’s chocolate work showcasing “brilliant cookery” Exose got his third automatic pass into the next round which is an amazing achievement in itself.




"Exose really performed well for a young lad. Full of enthusiasm, full of that desire to learn. That’s all you can aim for."

- Ollie Dabbous

Semi-Finals: Hide
9. Scallop Tartare

Scallop Tartare, with diced Cucumber and Apple, a Tempura Courgette Flower, roasted Courgette and Pickled Radishes, with a Garlic and Saffron Emulsion, and a Cucumber and Basil dressing.

Exose was tasked with understanding Hide and Ollie's personalities by emulating a dish with the idea of refinement, simplicity, elegance and beauty at mind. Exoses dish delivered on flavour and showcased his personality.

hide dish 1.png

Semi-Finals: Hide Dinner Service
1o. Steamed Turbot

Steamed Turbot, with Spinich, Pickled Garlic, Celery and a Lemon Verbena Sauce.

Hide put on a tasting menu and it was Exose's job to start the day by operating the fish station. Exose made the mistake of overhandling the fish causing it to break at one point but impressed Ollie with his honesty and attention to the details. Exose completed the rest of the service smoothly impressing ollie with his overall attitude when in the kitchen.

Semi-Finals: Main
11. Smoked Venison


Venison Smoked and Rolled in Hay Ash with Onion Puree, Blanched Onions, Smoked Pomme Puree, Confit Potatoes and Crispy Lotus Root, finished with a Venison Jus.

The judges really liked Exose's cooking of the smoked ashed venison as well as the rich sauce and smoked potato puree but felt the dish was not complete.

Semi-Final: Dessert
12. Chocolate, Passionfruit and Hazelnut


Exose served a Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse, Passion Fruit Gel, and Cocoa Nib Tuille on Sable Breton Biscuit with Candied Hazelnuts served with a Passion Fruit Sauce


Once again Exose impressed the judges with his flavours and combinations, but once again the judges felt the presentation was lacking compared to the "usual Exose dish" Exose created a complicated main and dessert giving him so much to do which the judges clearly respected.

Fancy Dining Room

Chefs Table

From 48 Chefs only 4 remain.


Exose was tasked with the 2nd Course cooking for 22 critically acclaimed British chefs, who have held 26 Michelin stars between them.

Finals Week: Chefs Table
13. Seaweed Butter Poached Turbot

Poached Seaweed-butter Turbot on an Octopus and Shrimp Cassoulet, with a Sauce Vierge, Red Wine-Braised Octopus Tentacle and Shoestring Crispy Potatoes

Exose got back to his usual ways by receiving the highest praise from the chefs, everyone mentioned how perfect the octopus and turbot was cooked and how delicious the dish was overall with people presenting empty plates. One chef even highlighted how he enjoyed the rusticness of the dish and gave the highest praise on Exose's ability to combine such strong flavours whilst retaining the balance and harmony in the dish.


"So the highlight for me was your cooking of the Octopus. It was perfectly cooked. Exose had a lot of strong flavours, but he managed to balance all the flavours, so when you ate it, nothing dominated, so that is a real testament to his palate"

- Jun Tanaka

Nieves Barragán.png
Exose At Home Dish Label.png

"honestly, what we ate there was phenomenal. It took me to a different place. It took me to the coast of Galacia. Honestly, it was incredible"

- Robin Gill

Jun Tanaka.jpeg

"Can I just say that Exose's dish was super tasty! It was rustic. He developed the flavours. The Octopus was perfectly cooked. The Turbot was perfectly cooked. Thank you Exose."

- Nieves Barragán

Final Week: Inspired Place - France
14. Bouillabaisse


Taking inspiration from a college trip to France. Exose served a Bouillabaisse with Roasted Stone Bass, Langoustine Poached in Bisque, Seared Scallops, Mussels, Saffron Potatoes, Confit Tomatoes, Roasted and Pickled Fennel with a side of Rouille and Sourdough Croutons, finished with a Langoustine Bisque and a Tomato and Saffron Essence.


Exose's sauce was the highlight of the dish with its thick body and flavour. The dish also impressed the judges with its beautiful presentation.




"Exose has a great balance for flavours, he did great and I was happy with his performance, he has a bright future ahead of him"

- José Avillez

Finals Week: Portugal, Lisbon
15. Hake

Exose made Jose Hake Poached in Tomato Sauce, with Sauteed Spinach and Crispy Ginger, Whole Hake Deep-Fried in Batter with Red Peppers, Clams and a Tomato Sauce.

José felt the dish could have been presented better with fine dining in mind. José was quick to compliment the dish on its great balance of flavours and the Tomato Sauce. José would have liked fewer ingredients used in the dish but appreciated the individual technique behind creating it.

lobater dish.png

Finals Week: Belcanto Dinner Service
17. The Roast Piglet of Bairrada

Exose made one of Jose's Main dishes which consisted of Suckling Pork, Braised Baby Gem, an Orange Peel Puree with Black Garlic, Served with Potato Chips in an Edible Bag.

Exose held his own in a 2 Michelin stared service impressing José. Exose was smooth throughout the whole service despite the multiple elements and techniques he had to master. Exose service made Jose really happy.

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 10.14.43.png

Finals Week: Belcanto Dinner Service
16. The Scarlet Shrimp

Exose made one of Jose's Main dishes which consisted of Suckling Pork, Braised Baby Gem, an Orange Peel Puree with Black Garlic, Served with Potato Chips in an Edible Bag.

Exose held his own in a 2 Michelin stared service impressing José. Exose was smooth throughout the whole service despite the multiple elements and techniques he had to master. Exose service made Jose really happy.

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 10.14.43.png

Grand Finale 

Grand Finale: Starter
18. Confit Salmon & Cucumber


Exose's starter was Confit Salmon topped with Fennel Pollen, Salmon Tartare Wrapped in Pickled Cucumber, Charred Cucumber, Cucumber Ketchup and Crispy Salmon Skin finished with a Buttermilk and Dill Sauce.


Exose kicked off his 3-course menu with the perfect start. The Confit Salmon was soft, perfectly cooked and flaking away. The Dill Sauce and Cucumber Ketchup turned heads also with their freshness, the judges added that the Cucumber Ketchup really brought the who dish together.

Grand Finale: Main
19. Cannon of Lamb


For his main, Exose made Cannon of Lamb, Panko-Coated Lamb Sweetbreads, Artichoke Barigoule, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree, Dehydrated Kale Crisps, Olives in an Oregano, Olive Oil Dressing and a Lamb Sauce.


Not one to shy away from his mistakes or a challenge, Exose revisited the dreaded Artichoke! This showed great character and development and the judges were really impressed with the flavour, cooking and presentation of the Artichoke, The Sweetbreads were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and the sauce was rich and packed with flavour. 

Grand Finale: Dessert
20. Sheep Milk Parfait


For Dessert, Exose made Sheep's Milk Yogurt Parfait Coated in Strawberry Powder, Strawberry and Mint Salsa, Elderflower-Pickled White Strawberries, Crispy Yoghurt, Lime Sable Biscuits and Strawberry Rum Sauce.


Exose's Bon Bon did not set so he crafted a beautiful balanced Strawberry Rum Sauce from it instead. The elderflower infused Strawberry flavours pleasantly surprised the judges. The Parfait was creamy and smooth also. The Judges really hit home how well exose had done with the balance of this dish but wished his Bon Bon had set. Marcus congratulated Exose for being the youngest chef in the competition and for holding his own throughout the process.

Image by Annie Spratt

A Festive Knock-Out


A Festive Knockout: Canapes
Three Festive Canapes


Venison Tartare - Venison Tartare, Sourdough Crouton & Brussels sprout Leaves


Panko Crusted Oyster - Deep Fried Oyster, Cucumber & Dill Salad


Apricot & Mixed Spiced Cream Cheese Tartlet - Mixed Spice Cream Cheese & Apricot Jam Tartlet

Exose's kicked off the festive episode with the challenge of making 3 canapes. (2 savoury and 1 Sweet) Exose's Apricot & Jam Tarts wore the highlight of the canapes with the flavours of orange zest and apricot running through the mousse. Another highlight was the spice, resembling a Christmas pudding.

Festive Canapes.png
Mixed Spice Cream Cheese & Apricot Jam Tartlet.png
Venison Tartare, Sourdough Crouton & Brussels sprout Leaves.png
Deep Fried Oyster, Cucumber & Dill Salad.png
Chicken Ballotine with a Pork, Sage and Apple Stuffing wrapped in Pancetta, with Sprout Pe

A Festive Knockout: Main
Chicken & Pork Ballotine


Chicken Ballotine with a Pork, Sage and Apple Stuffing wrapped in Pancetta, with Sprout Petals, Geroles, Cranberries and Sage Crisps served with a Potato and Rosemary Mousse, Crispy Potato Skins and Tarragon Oil and finished with a Chicken Sauce.

Exose's chicken & pork was beautifully cooked with the protein retaining the moisture inside. The Judges liked the overall balance of the dish, just the right amount of saltiness with a subtle touch of cranberry running through the dish.

A Festive Knockout: Dessert
Strawberry & Basil Cheesecake

Vanilla Cream Cheese filled with a Strawberry Compote then topped with Basil Syrup and Strawberry Gel, served with an Almond Crumble and Basil Sorbet.

Monica highlighted exose growth once again mentioning his use of his bigger flavours has really elevated his cooking. The Judges really liked the overall lightness of the cheesecake which was perfect after having a big Christmas dinner. The judges also really liked how he deconstructed the traditional Cheesecake

Vanilla Cream Cheese Mousse filled with a Strawberry Compote and topped with Basil Syrup a
Exose At Home Dish Label.png
Gregg Walace Masterchef.jpeg

Greg Wallace

“Do you know what, Exose is never beaten, never, ever beaten. He just picks himself up and moves on to the next level. There is a chef with a lot of guts, a lot of skill and a massive future.”

Marcus Wareing

"Exose was one of the youngest chefs in the competition and he carried himself incredibly well. He is a credit to himself and his family."


Monica Galetti

"Watching this young chef grow and develop is a joy to see. An amazing attitude, learning at such a pace and giving us fantastic cookery."

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